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SQL Power Architect Enterprise Edition

SQL Power Architect Enterprise Edition


SQL Power Architect Enterprise Edition
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11K/year support & maintenance
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Purchase Instructions:

SQL Power Architect Enterprise cannot be purchased directly through this website; the above shopping cart item is for reference only. If you wish to purchase a SQL Power Architect Enterprise site license, please contact us.


SQL Power Architect Enterprise Edition includes the following features not available in the Community edition:

Multi-User Collaboration

Multi-User Collaboration

Data Domains and Types

Support for Data Domains & Types


Full User & Group Level Security

Java Web Start Deployment

Java Web Start Deployment

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SQL Power Architect Subscriptions include Premium Support to ensure a productive, worry-free SQL Power Architect experience by giving you:

Quick Response to Bug Reports

Guaranteed quick, expert response to bug reports

No more waiting indefinitely for an answer on the Forum that may or may not be helpful... with Premium Support, you can call or email any issues or questions directly to our Development team, who will respond within 2 business hours (9am-6pm Toronto EST).

Phone and Email Support

1-on-1 assistance from a real, live SQL Power Architect Developer

With Premium Support, you don't have to get your questions filtered down through various support "levels" or "customer service reps" -- Instead, you'll enjoy direct contact with the actual software developers, who can address the issue instantly and correctly, by phone or email.

Guaranteed Development

Guaranteed development of approved enhancements (and top priority for your requested bug fixes)

Get direct influence over the evolution of the software: as a Premium Support member, your enhancement and bug fix requests go straight to the front of the line to get implemented in the next release.

Free Upgrades

Free software upgrades for the duration of your subscription

If we release a non-free software upgrade while you're registered for Premium Support, you'll get that upgrade for free.

User Guide

Free User Guides

SQL Power Architect Enterprise site license includes PDF User Guides at no extra cost. ($99 value)

Intellectual Property Indemnification

Intellectual Property Indemnification

Intellectual Property Indemnification provides financial protection for your organization when using SQL Power open source products. This protection covers legal risks in the event that a third party claims some portion of the SQL Power product's code infringes their intellectual property rights.




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